We hold a casual service, with a home church feel, a generous orthodoxy, and a modest kids program. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. The doors open at 9:30am with free pour over coffee, tea and snacks.

The service starts at 10:00-ish on Sunday mornings. During the service we sing (we are small, but are blessed with fantastic worship) and a talk Jesus, faith, the Bible, and how they impact our lives, community, and our world. We’re not big and flashy, but we’re authentic and will love you where you are. We’re a safe place for those who are wrestling with their place in the church, for those who have never been to church, for those who are rethinking what church should be, for those who don’t have or need all the answers, and for mature believers who want a greater sense of community. All are welcome.

Join us Sunday at Counter Punch Studios: 3770 Selby Ave. in Los Angeles