Yorke Fryer
Christina Kaufman

“I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” PSALM 104:33

There is ample biblical precedence for singing and making music as a primary form of praise and worship to the Lord. Music and song are a vital aspect of a vibrant faith; it is a prayer language that we use to outwardly express our adoration for God. It is also one of God’s methods of internally ministering to our souls. Christina Kaufman is a follower of Jesus the Messiah and a passionate worshiper through means of singing praise. She has been married for 5 glorious years to her fantastic husband, Paul, and is mother to two incredible boys, whom they are awaiting to bring home from Haiti. Lord may it be soon!

Dana Nassau
Children's Ministry

Dana Nassau lives in a state of organized chaos (she spends most of her time organizing the chaos caused by her three children). Although her house is a mess, she would gladly have you come visit with her while she folds laundry, does dishes, or makes dinner, and she may even offer you a glass of homemade kombucha.

Dana is committed to developing a children’s ministry where youth can interact in a meaningful way with scripture and develop a passion for the Lord. Although children’s ministry wasn’t what Dana imagined doing when she and Scott felt called to plant a church, the Lord has placed a desire in her heart to walk alongside families and help facilitate discipleship for the next generation.

Dana has a BA in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and is a curious person in general. In her spare time Dana works as a birth doula, welcoming babies into the world.

Jane Im

Jane Im has been a part of Kehila since the early days when the budding group was uncertain of where the next meeting would take place (welcome to church planting in LA!). She has been involved in discipleship training since her youth and feels passionately that Jesus’ followers will naturally follow when they’re captivated by His love.

When she is not working on community building, she is out and about enjoying nature sans birds.

Karl Edwards
Vision Team

Karl Edwards is a theologically trained businessperson who combines the practical wisdom of 30 plus years of experience with a personal passion for helping people thrive in their vocational pursuits. He enjoys consulting, coaching, speaking and teaching on the complex challenges people face in the workplace.

He is the founder and principal of Bold Enterprises | Cultural Architects; and has written and hosted for a variety of online discussions, such as Working Matters and Thought Leaders Unpacked, where he helps people think differently about leadership, careers and designing healthy workplace cultures.

Karl’s experience includes working and teaching at Fuller Seminary, as well as managing a structural engineering firm here in Los Angeles. A lifelong resident of Los Angeles, he shares the struggle of trying to integrate faith, work, family and community while sitting in traffic and clinging to sanity.

Paul Price
Vision Team
Rochelle Le Heux
Vision Team
Liz Powers Wells
Vision Team

Liz Powers Wells was raised in the typical military family style of moving to a new city, state or even country every few years. Her dad is a US Army Chaplain and this provided the unique experience of being exposed to many different cultures and different types of churches. Liz is currently back in school part-time, slowly transitioning out of a six year long teaching career and has been blessed with free time for serving Kehila – she recently joined Kehila’s vision team.

Liz has been teaching children in church since she was old enough to do so. At Ecclesia church Liz served on the kid’s ministry team by helping to formulate the vision and mission of the program, writing and implementing project-based curriculum and teaching weekly. After moving to Mar Vista in 2013 Liz and her husband Matt joined Kehila.

Liz likes to draw and play ukulele. Liz and Matt compete weekly on a trivia team called Marina Del Death Rey and they love bike and take their dogs to the beach.