Welcome to Kehila

We are a new, startup church in Culver City. We are a growing community that cares about you as a person. We believe you matter to God; therefore, you matter to us. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, whether you have never been to church, you are looking for a spiritual home, or you are wrestling with questions of faith, we invite you to join us. Currently, we are meeting for at 3770 Selby Ave in Los Angeles, just west of the corner of Venice Blvd. and Overland Ave. We’d love for you to check us out!

What is Kehila

You may be curious what Kehila (rhymes with tequila) means and what it is. While it may sound strange, it conveys one of the oldest concepts: Community. It derives from a Hebrew word describing a tribe gathered around a shared identity and a shared purpose.

Who We Are

Kehila is community, united by our identity as followers of Jesus. In a city characterized by isolation and loneliness we believe community is crucial. We define “church” not as a location or an event, but as community who seeks to live out our faith together. This is why we seek to be a family where each person finds a spiritual home by experiencing our journey of faith together. We shape our community around Pursuing Jesus and Loving Los Angeles.


We are animated by our values. We value unity without uniformity. Our shared commitment to Jesus and eagerness to become more like him unifies us as a community. We value diversity in all areas, including the vitality generated through differing opinions. The presence of varying views challenges us to see faith from different perspectives and stimulates growth in our spiritual lives.

We value connection. We yearn for a community in which we experience deeper and healthier relationships. We design our community around relationships, our love for one another flows from our connection to God.

We seek to create a safe environment. God not only accepts us for who we are, but expresses his love for us at the time we feel most unloveable. We endeavor to reflect both God’s love and acceptance for one another. We believe each person is worthy of love and belonging.

We value renewal. In other words, we are people animated by the Gospel, which is the astounding news that the Messiah, our benevolent king, arrived to inaugurate Shalom, “wholeness,” and the renewal of all things. Renewal encompasses everything, from the personal to the global.

We value the tension. Spiritual maturity invites us to embrace tension. We experience tension in places of uncertainty, in the intermediate region, where we feel pulled between two opposite poles. Faith leads us into an uncomfortable world, a world of strain and paradox.

Come Check Us Out

We believe God loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to know how much he cares about you. Join us in your journey of experiencing God’s love in your life.

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