Thank you for helping make Easter an amazing event for Kehila and our city! We hope to include many who are out exercising to let them know that Jesus is FOR them, too!

We will need three greeters to help direct people to the service. Two will be at the bottom to lead people up the steps and to the service and one at the top. Arrival time is 9:00am

We'll me serving cold brew coffee, so there's no need to make coffee, but we'd love to have two people to come and set up the hospitality table and greet people as they get food. Arrival time is 8:30am.

We'd love to offer some homemade baked goods to those who attend and would love as many of as possible to contribute! The food should be set up by 9:30 am.

The sun rises at 6:21 am, and that's what time the park opens. In order to secure our spot, we need two early birds to come claim it at sunrise!

We will have flyers to hang up around town and need some volunteers willing to distribute them in coffee houses and other places with community boards.